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Explore the world of Japanese animation.  From shopping in Akihabara to visiting anime museums, find out what’s made anime a worldwide phenomenon!

Not sure what Anime is all about?  Read a general overview, learn about cosplay, or read the new anime map brochure.

You can visit animation museums, and museums dedicated especially to the famous masters of animation like Osamu Tezuka, or the famous Ghibli museum.  Or you can visit the locations where some famous anime were set or inspired.

Other places to find out what’s new in the world of anime are anime fairs and centers, or paying a visit to the hobby capital, Akihabara.

If you’re in the mood to shop, we have a list of stores where you can buy character goods, and of course you can always find a multitude of things to buy at stores in Akihabara.


Location Attraction Description
Fukushima Spa Resort Hawaiians A leisure resort with hot spring theme parks, hotels and golf courses.


Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura A village reproduced in the style of the Edo period, with theatres and interactive amusements.
Tobu World Square A theme park of 1/25th scale miniature reproductions of historic relics and buildings.
Yamanashi Fuji-Q Highland Amusement park famous for record-breaking roller coasters like Fujiyama, Dodonpa, & Eejanaika.
Chiba Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea The world-famous Disney theme parks, with rides, shops, shows and resort hotels.


Sanrio Puroland Indoor theme park of the Sanrio characters with live performances, musicals and shows.
Kidzania Kids aged 2-12 experience the work force at realistic pavilions where they work and even get paid in Kidzo money.
Palette Town Scenic ferris wheel and an indoor facility with stores, restaurants and amusement spots.
Odaiba Seaside Park Paddling, boardsailing and walking along the boardwalk, with photo spots, an observatory, and some shops and restaurants.
Museum of Maritime Science Museum of sea ships with simulations and a 70-meter observatory.
National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation (Miraikan) Interactive exhibits of Japan’s Cutting-edge technologies.
Kasai Seaside Park A man-made beach with the glass domed “Kasai Seaside Aquarium”, a bird park and a glass-walled observatory.
Yokohama Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum Eat ramen from renowned shops across the country, learn the history of ramen, and buy nostalgic sweets and snacks.
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise A man-made island with 3 aquariums, an amusement park, restaurants and shops.
Aichi Nagoya Port Aquarium Large outdoor tanks with dolphin shows and a voyage following the Fuji Antarctic research vessel.


Expo Memorial Park Natural and Cultural gardens, a Japanese garden, Japan Folk Crafts museum, and other recreational facilities.
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan One of the largest aquariums in the world and home to the huge whale sharks, the tanks are designed for viewing from above and below.
Umeda Joypolis An indoor amusement park arcade for game lovers.
Universal Studios Japan Rides, live shows and nostalgic streets, all based on the movies produced by Universal Studios.
Kyoto Toei Movie Land A theme park situated in Toei’s Kyoto studio, you can walk through movie sets, enjoy various events, or dress up in a historical costume.
Nagasaki Huis TenBosch A reproduction of the European-style houses and streets from Nagasaki’s days as an international trading port.
Kumamoto ASO Farm Land A facility designed for building up peoples’ health; there are spas, hot springs, a Farm Land, playground and beautiful gardens.


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Huge tanks with whale sharks, manta ray and many other kinds of sea life, daily shows and tank explanations.
Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park A huge park which includes the Churaumi Aquarium, a dolphin lagoon, and Shurijo Castle Park.

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Japan is a veritable shopper’s paradise.  Whether you’re looking for something cute, high-tech or traditional, there is something for everyone.

For shopping information by area, click on the locations below:

Location Area
Hokkaido Hokkaido
Tokyo Ikebukuro
Roppongi & Aoyama
Ginza & Yurakucho
Osaka Osaka
Kyoto Kyoto
Kobe Kobe
Nagoya Nagoya
Fukuoka Fukuoka

For information on specific types of shopping:

For information on traditional crafts:

Type of Craft Name of Craft Location
Pottery / Porcelain Imari arita-yaki Saga
Pottery Mashiko-yaki Tochigi
Stained Pottery Seto Sometsuke-yaki Seto, Aichi
Lacquerware Kamakura-bori Kamakura, Kanagawa
Wajima-nuri Ishikawa
Glass Ryukyu glass Okinawa
Textiles Kijoka-no bashofu
(plantain-tree fabric)
Okinawa (&Tokyo)
Nishijin-ori (brocade) Kyoto
Swords Japanese swords Tokyo
Ainu Crafts Traditional Ainu Crafts Hokkaido

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For the outdoor enthusiasts, click on the activity for information on:


If museums are more your style, you can see our lists of Museums and Art Museums.


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