At long last, Mt. Fuji has reached UNESCO World Heritage status!  With its near-perfect conical shape, Mt. Fuji has long been an inspiration for artists and poets.  The 3,776-meter tall mountain has also been an object of countless pilgrimages and is an icon of Japan that is recognized around the world.

Its new status has made Mt. Fuji Japan's 17th World Heritage site alongside:

For more information on Japan's UNESCO World Heritage sites, visit JNTO's website or the UNESCO World Heritage site.


Climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji?  Order a certificate to mark the occasion!  Yamanashi Tourism Organization introduces "Noboru Noboru FUJISAN," a new internet service for visitors to Japan.  The website offers 2 types of certificates – the Certificate for Climbing Mt. Fuji (available for free download and direct sharing on Facebook and Twitter) and the Certificate for Summit of Mt. Fuji (for an application fee of 1050 yen + shipping). 

An English order form for the Certificate for Climbing Mt. Fuji is currently under construction and will be available soon.  If you're making the climb this season, the certificate order service is also available at the Mt. Fuji 5th Station Administration Center until September 30th.

For details and to order your very own certificate, visit the Noboru Noboru FUJISAN Website.


JR West has introduced free internet connection services at ticket gates, in waiting rooms, and in waiting areas of major stations that are part of their rail network. Want to get online? Send a blank email to to receive your guest code via email.  Once you have your code, configure the wi-fi settings on your device, enter your guest code on the login screen and enjoy the free wi-fi!  The guest code is valid for 8 days from the time of activation. JR West's website has a list of stations with free Wi-Fi access.

For inquiries regarding Wi-Fi use in Japan, visit the Wi2300 website.

For special tickets, searchable timetables, maps, and other useful information, visit the official JR-West website.


The HATO BUS has offered visitors the perfect introduction to Tokyo for over half a century.  With tours to Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Asakusa, the Tokyo Skytree, and even fruit-picking tours, the HATO BUS has always delivered.

Now you can book your HATO BUS tour thorough JAL's website and receive a free gift on the day your bus tour departs.  Travel dates are between June 21st and August 31st 2013.  For details, visit JAL's website.


Universal Studios Japan has unveiled new and exciting summer-exclusive attractions that are sure to delight guests young and old.

The new-and-improved Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM – The Ride 4K3D is the only ride in Japan with high resolution 4KHD x 3D technology.  Building on the award-wining "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-ManTM" ride, 4K3D introduces advanced imaging and synchronizing technology to create an exciting new experience.  More than 100 different special effects, including light, sound, fire, smoke and water, combine with amazing ride vehicle movements on a 368 meter-long track.

Until September 8th, children and parents are invited to visit Universal Wonderland, a 30,000m2 family area with 8 rides and a total of 28 facilities.  While there, visitors can enjoy the Water Surprise party; dace with popular characters, spray your friends with a Water Shooter, and get soaked by the spray from a huge water cannon.

Fans of the famous ONE PIECE comic can immerse themselves in the upgraded One Piece Premier Summer event.  Watch the live ONE PIECE Premier Show for an even more realistic ONE PIECE world at the greatest scale ever with new products and new opponents.  Indulge in foods from the comic at the ONE PIECE Straw Hat Pirates' Feast Restaurant.

Those looking for a hands-on attraction are invited to try Biohazard the Real, a shooting-type survival horror attraction based on the popular BIOHAZARD game and movie series by CAPCOM Co. Ltd.  The attraction introduces a new shooting system that is used by military forces around the world.

For more information on summer attractions, please visit the Universal Studios Japan website.


Summer Special Events

"Disney Natsu Matsuri" at Tokyo Disneyland and
"Disney Summer Festival" at Tokyo DisneySea
July 8- September 2, 2013

Concept Image © Disney
URAYASU, CHIBA- Tokyo Disney Resort®, celebrating its 30th anniversary, will bring in the summer season with special events presented with the Disney touch from July 8 through September 2, 2013. "Disney Natsu Matsuri*" at Tokyo Disneyland®  park and "Disney Summer Festival" at Tokyo DisneySea®  park will offer exciting and cool programs, themed to Japanese and tropical elements respectively. Feel the Happiness with your family and friends this summer at Tokyo Disney Resort.

The dance competition,  called "Soryo Kobu," at Tokyo Disneyland will feature the Disney characters in a Japanese-style  festival. The Disney pals lead different dance teams at the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle. As the contest heats up, huge columns of water shoot up from around Cinderella Castle, soaking everyone for some wet and wild fun. This year's event will invite Guests to join in the dancing, for a whirl of festive and soaking wet excitement.

Concept Image © Disney
Minnie Mouse will make her lead appearance in a brand new special event, "Disney Summer Festival," at Tokyo DisneySea. The water program, "Minnie's Tropical Splash," will take place at a colorfully and tropically transformed Mediterranean Harbor, where the Disney pals show off their moves to Latin music. As the event heats up, tons of spraying water will soak everyone with water. Guests will enjoy a tropically vibrant summer with a splendid dance performance led by Minnie and dynamic water spraying by Mickey and his pals.

Tokyo DisneySea will also offer the attraction Aquatopia in a special summer-only version that will soak Guests on the ride. Special summer-time  menus will be offered at the Disney Hotels, and Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages with programs for children will also be available.

Please see the Tokyo Disney Resort website for further details.

*"Natsu matsuri" means "summer festival."
**Seating in the Central Viewing Area will be available by lottery only.


Want to know where the best restaurants and hotels are in Hiroshima?  Now you can check online. 

On July 18th, an English version of the MICHELIN Guide Hiroshima 2013 was unveiled thanks to a collaboration between Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Kure City, Hatsukaichi City, the Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd., and Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.  A site for smartphones is also under construction and will allow travellers to consult the guide while on the go.

The new online guide is available on multiple websites:


The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is expanding its horizons to include dishes for Islamic and Vegetarian diets. With over 1000 ramen shops overseas, ramen is becoming a global phenomenon and requests for halal and vegetarian menus are on the rise.  With that in mind, the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum has introduced a system for providing vegetarian dishes to improve visitors' travel experiences.

In addition to developing Muslim and vegetarian-friendly dishes, the Raumen Museum is also offering visitors Wi-Fi access points, updated foreign-language brochures, and instruments to address the worship needs of Islamic visitors.

For more information, read the full article: The Global-Standard of Ramen Now Offering Dishes for Islamic and Vegetarian Diets.


Test yourself!  How well do you know Japanese culture?  In this section, we'll give you a photo and a question to test your knowledge about Japan and its culture.

What internationally-renowned festival features parade floats of brave warriors?

Curious?  Visit the Newsletter section of our website for the answer!  You can also view previous editions of the newsletter.


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